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Last year I was fortunate to participate in a week long workshop with amazing mosaic artist John Sollinger. It was a wonderful and truly inspiring experience. I decided to challenge myself and try to create a mosaic from a photo I took based on the observation skills and techniques I learned in the workshop. It certainly was challenging but I'm very pleased with the result. KHS.

Here’s my finished piece from John Solinger workshop a couple of months ago. I took it to another level with about 4 layers of glass for the tree. Gives it a very rugged look in 3D. Cheers and thank you John Solinger for the initial technique. A wonderful & inspiring workshop! 😃👍 — with John Sollinger. RW

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 2.45.06 PM.png

... My states of soul, day after day, during the internship: 1st day: surprise and amazed. How? How? We put everything down without sticking and where we want? Day 2: focused, ultra focused! We don't sneeze, we monitor any unwanted movement, let's not forget that nothing is glued! Day 3: even more focused, worried. Now that I'm coming to the end, no way it's going to move and tomorrow when we're going to flip him if everything falls, John will leave with a vocabulary in French enough...Day 4: anxious (but not long), too happy! The ½ laps executed successfully, amazing result! HE

Made in my studio by ubra talented Kim A

I’m not sure if I feel more fortunate for having learned a new mosaic skill, and having a beautiful new piece to hang on my wall…or for getting to s[end four days with the kind and ever so gifted John Sollinger. My heart is full right now (and my mind is full…thinking of adding a few bits here and there when I get home). KA

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