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Layered (1-3) glass on glass. Some tessarae lay on their sides and everywhichway.
fluid double indirect method

This is a scene that was inspired by the westward view from Drakesbad horse-camp and lodge in Lassen National Park, which is in N. California. Before I tackled the sky, I carelessly kicked the mosaic (I glue after assembling most pieces). After rearranging tess in all but the center field, I saw commotion. Serendipity demanded that I fracture the sky and add clouds of oil (some tesserae are iridescent, which reminds me of oil on water, as in the Gulf of Mexico). This also satisfied my desire not to treat the sky as a backdrop.

I made more "enhancements" than usual. For example, the substrate is stained glass, I laid some tesserae on their sides, I exaggerated colors, used tess depth to create shadow, and it seemed like a good idea at the time to meld the scene with the matte-like frame of glass seen here on the outside perimeter (wood frame not shown). I wanted to try a transition from image to frame, thinking they would work better as a unit.

Accepted into two international exhibitions at the Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC:

  • "Contemporary Mosaic Art 2010," jurored by Jean Ann Dabb and

  • "Back to the Garden 2012," jurored by Julie Richey. People's Choice Award

Stained glass. layered, 20w x 16 h x 1 inches,2010

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