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This work is a third in a series depicting plants in the C-S National Monument of SW Oregon.

A single Myosotis sylvatica (forget-me-not) plant growing along the Pacific Crest Trail provided the inspiration. Only one inflorescence (a single stem with multiple flowers) is represented here; it is magnified 15 times and viewed downward from a moderate angle.

This unassuming plant offers (us) no fragrance, flavor, drug, nutrient, or fiber. Its simple, minute flowers offer only pinwheels of pale blue.

It was adhered with silicone to Hardiboard cut with a ring saw to the shape of the lime substrate.

Exhibited: Mosaic Art International, 2012, Lexington, KY
Articulate, 2012, Ciel Gallery and Mosaic Studio, Charolotte, NC

Private collection, Michigan.

71H x 56W x 3D cm (28 x 22 x 1 inches), 20 lbs

Stained glass (SG) on glass (1-3 layers, but mostly 2; layer1 = large green sheet of SG used as the substrate). The third layer is limited to several pieces.

Fluid double indirect method

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